It was the beginning of a family business that would eventually become one of the most important groups in the Argentinian wine industry: Peñaflor, which would later buy Trapiche.

Augusto, one of Ángelo’s son, was born in 1906. Don Augusto worked very hard in the vineyard. Consequently, and as a tribute to his life devoted to obtaining a genuine and accurate wine, which would reflect the virtues of the soil and climate in San Juan, the winery carries his name. He became one of the best pioneers in the Argentinian viticulture after this great achievement.

In 1997, Mario, Don Augusto’s son, decided to sell his stocks in Peñaflor and continue with his family legacy in the Augusto Pulenta Winery. A century later, Mario and his sons, Mario Daniel, María Andrea y María Gabriela, continue running the Augusto Pulenta Winery, a family business focused on the manufacture of high quality wines. Their style, based on the family tradition, renews the legacy of hard work and union from their ancestors, and it is complemented by today’s professionalism and technology.

Bodega Augusto Pulenta S.A. commercializes Valbona, Valbona Selección (Oak, Whites and Pinks) and Augusto P., their icon product. Placed in the Tulum Valley, province of San Juan, the winery can hold up to 2 million liters of wine. Their vineyards cover almost 200 hectares, and the harvest goes from February 15, to April 15.
The winery is focused on the production of high quality wines. Although the manufacture is complemented by today’s technology and high professional standards, the difference lies in their style based on the family tradition and the legacy of hard work and union from Don Augusto.

The grapes are cultivated in their own vineyards and the process is carefully followed from the time they are planted to the commercialization, caring for every detail that guarantees their quality.

In the winery, the wines are carefully produced respecting the natural processes which enhance their characteristics and personality conferred by the climate and the soil of San Juan. They have an intense fruit taste, as well as complex, well-structured and mature; thanks to the amazing sun and climate of this province.

The Oak line offers mature wines in barrels which create a delicate complexity and high quality. The main purpose is to create originality and differentiation through a traditional manufacture in a unique region.

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